Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Racist Cab Drivers Drive me Away

Know what when someone paints you in a picture
they got something to say
Maybe its the Gulf of Tolkien
or maybe it 911
or maybe its a singer singing Cab Driver
they are all just images devoid of context
but still truth lingers
for some
when they cant 
catch a cab

Black people, Black people
are the N people of the world
why is that
and how cares
and what will it cost 
to do a damm to change facts

For me to say I got good feelings about 
black people
is to say i feel 
the same way about humanity
and I do not
Black people the real Black people
are well I cant continue because
of racism. The MAN keeps us all down
but for reasons I will not explain 
he sits on the Black Man
maybe because of copyright infraction

Races exist
just like dogs
men are breeds
as for the women
no matter where they came from
they are all beautiful

I would love to be governed by my Mother
for eternity
just saying

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