Sunday, 27 July 2014


The Globe and Mail likes to think its Canada's Grey Lady. Well its never been that and now the Grey Lady is obviously as mixed up with strange fruit as any tree rooted in journalism. Dear Leader Harper prints a heroic message. Oh how I struggle to withhold the volcanic puke because I love this country too much to damage it further with my bile.

Waging a finger at Russia, and Palestine may buy you some votes from the stupid Jews and ignorant Ukrainians, but they will not save you from the avalanche of Canadian who are seeking relief from your misguided missiles. If only to stop the ones that hit at home for which we would all be grateful, but the international mess you have made of our great brand, that will take decades to repair. And Steve if you have not noticed billions of people bicycle to a place they think has a place for them in this world. Fuck you Steve Harper, your the worst and I hope and pray to a God I do not believe in, your trash is handed back two seats.

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