Friday, 25 July 2014

RIP Bernard Etkin

No he did not make the movie, probably not even in the first draft of the Apollo 13 script. But in real life when NASA needed to know with life on the line Bernard Etkin and his team had the answer. A solution worked with slide rulers not computers. In typical Canadian fashion at the time the team thought they were just a double check of the real teams work.


  1. Steve - are you also an EngSci graduate? I would love to use this newspaper image on the side or in the background of a piece on Dr. Etkin that I am publishing in our alumni magazine. Who owns the rights to the image that I could connect with? I would love to quote you as well if you are comfortable with that. Your post about his work is powerful. Could you email me at

    1. Eng, I grant you permission to use whatever text you want from my post.. The image is not mine but you could find some copyright free if necessary. I do not doubt you could use it with the Houston Chronicle permission. Not everyone wishes to be a master of the universe, Quote me at your own risk because my blog is not likely to viewed by anyone as a credible source. Thats the way the world is and I work to change this recourse. Not working hard or effective at all it should be mentioned.