Friday, 18 July 2014

Who Shot Down MH17?

I have been thinking aboot it. Did the Rebels have the resources to pull off such a kill? That is a big question. This was a highly technical co-ordinated effort using some big machines.

Sure its possible the Rebs saw a horse in the sky and just shot. This would be the most plausible explanation. However  doubt is certain that they had the gun, ammo or expertise to pull of such a shot.

Maybe I am naive and watch to much 24.  However we have been told American spy satellites saw some of this action in real time. I believe the USA knows exactly what happened. So why do they not just lay the cards on the table?

If this was an attempted assassination of Putin. WOW!  What are we muppets to believe, no one knows, we know the truth hurts and our governments are erogenous in sparing us the pain. You do not have to be cynical to wonder if its just another failed kill by the see eye EH! As an aside I believe if the CIA wants you dead your cold. Just like the shoe bomber a live corpse is more effective than a dead Margery.

Interesting fact revealed today. Somebody who has/had something to do with the Carlyle group donated over $10 million dollars to spruce up the Robert E Lee. Nothing bad about that ask THE BAND.

For you watching. We do not have a definite narrative to KAL 007, Lockerbie or 911. So do not hold your breath waiting for some clarity here in a tragedy that on the surface has no geopolitical connection.

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  1. I flew MH17. At the time I was very disappointed because KLM has the best food.