Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hamas has a great win on the battlefied

Maybe that was to strong a description, its like the leaf going into the third period with a lead. Shutting down the Ben Gurion airport is a notice maker. In reality it just confirms how hopeless a strategy this is.  Palestine is dead. Israel offered you many times a state and you said, DEATH TO JEWS. So now its death to Palestine and its a just judgement. You think I am being glib. Well Israel made a offer to Yasser Arafat that was a huge, I mean a soul destroying bargain for many. 

This fucking prick who commanded the worst  bunch of nihilist  in the world and died a billionaire. Yes you might question giving aid to this ethnicity. How low can you go before killing Olympic athletes is the basement. Yep one of the Arabs great triumphs. I know the people of Palestine are not well represented by their leaders, but sometime you have to cut the grass.

Editors note. I don not like Steve Harper, Ben Yahoo or Tony Toilet. They are a collective of assholes we will need a new word to describe. I left out JIm Camooorn  on purpose because he is gravity fed energy that defies any physics.

I just have to say something about Yasser Araft. A bigger piece of human trash has not got so far with so little as this asshole. There is no judgement for whatever he did that will be viewed as positive from both the Jewish and Arab side. When you have lost the last grain of sand
you once sat on blame Yasser.

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