Friday, 25 July 2014

No Comment Dick

Read so Dick, the world is now a Dick novel.  40 years ago I read alot of Dick works, however the one that sticks in my mind is Dr. Bloodmoney and I fear it may be his most accurate. Our leaders would rather destroy the planet than get along.
 (Ed note I also believe we are on at least the second tech civilization)
Thats the world today. If it was ISIS trying to circumcise me and my wife I might squeal but to keep the world spinning not such a great sacrifice.  Fortunately that's not a likely scenario. If you think the people in the middle east or people from anyplace are much diffrant from you an me you are mistaken. The similarities overwhelm the differences.
Male circumcision makes some sense. I circumscribed my boy for purely scientific reason and based upon my own struggles with the foreskin. I can remember my mother in the bathtub working that flap to keep it clean.  And despite her efforts I once got an infection there that needed penicillin.

Similar evaluation of female Genitalia risk reveals that female circumcision is just one of the worst guy thinking things in the world. Mohammad was a man who I allege liked sex, lots of sex.  Now maybe the hundreds or even thousands of women who were his wife got bored with the rotation and started seeking comfort in other places.  Maybe Mohammed did not care about his partners experience, he was just into his own needs. So the easy solution is to take away those needs from your harem. 

Thus we have female circumcision. Yep those brides will never stray for sex, are you not a ruler of your own domain. The whole Muslim thing with female sexuality points out to me how insecure the men are. Lets make sure the woman assigned to me is so comprised that  I NEVER lose her. Cover here up and cut away her pleasure points. That's God's Will as an oxymoron. Of all the retard (thats a bad word today and with all the retards in the world today I agree challenged might be a better choice. The fact remains if you cant think according to scale your retarded) religions in the world today  Sunni Muslim takes first prize. All you others should not take comfort. Your religions have also been stripped of legitimacy by science. However for the most part the transition between superstition and science has not caused mass casualties in this century.

Before we Nuke the world and start the process again could we please have a rational discussion?

I theorize in the next civilization the Thor character will be named Steve Jobs,
and LoKi will be known as Bill Gates. (Ed note, I a have nothing but good feelings of Bill Gates)

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