Friday, 25 July 2014

Glad to be Gay

My Gaydaryradar is totally unreliable. I thought Christopher Alexander was Gay but apparently he is not. We  wait for the child. Oh so cynical but when it come to politics beware the beard. I allege that many key people in the current Conservative Government are Gay. If you had to question people like Jason Kenny you would be left with only supposition to inform your basic instincts.

Whats wrong with this picture is not what some people might say is a high percentage of Gay cabinet ministers, or even as the extreme who I do not believe say child molesters.

No what is wrong that these obviously Gay people (NTTIAWWT) work against the freedom Gay people and every people deserve. Gay men and politics are a perfect match. No family life, a need to succeed. I have no problem being ruled by GAY men or GAY women. Maybe I do not need to know your sexual orientation. However all the Conservatives in this world need to ackowlege how deep the Gay defict they carry.

What needs to be said is how wonderful the world we all live in due to being GAY. If you need a Nexus point Google Turning.

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