Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Blame the Jews

For those of you not in your first rodeo with Thinking Aboot let me be clear.
I am not Jewish.
I have no family member going back generation that I know of who is Jewish.
I have been punished as a taxpayer by Jewish Lawyers seeking reparations for things that happened before my time and for the majority of citizens who survived WW2.
The Jews have unjustly taken land from the people of Palestine. (but who has not done the same sometime?)
I think Jews work together to better themselves without regard to how this will hurt the competition.
Its hard to believe but in the Jewish religion they are the chosen people. No one else but the Jews would be so self centered.

I believe that blame for everything is placed upon the Jews because they are a easy platform for the weak mind. I robbed a bank, must have been the Jews.  I started a war, damm those Jews.

Thats not to say that the worlds ie US foreign policy has a symbiotic relationship with governments having Jews. However the idea tht Jews put Israel uber all is ridiculous.

I believe the official 911 narrative was not kosher. Mossad I would love to read your files. Even if my worse suspicions were true could anyone blame Israel for wanting Saddam taken out?  If this was survivor we would all be applauding their art.

There are real issues going on in the world. I am tired of reading about Jewish conspiracy. Its a disinformation campaign. Lukid, Mossad maybe, but Jews no way. Just ask yourself how did America get Independence without being controlled by the Jews?

The horrible deaths in Gaza are crimes against humanity. Do I swallow the line that Israeli is the most careful death maker in human history, no! 

Take the case to the Hague and see who is the guilty party? All evidence says its Hamas. This is not the first offence. Yes Israel has been a fucking prick because Arafat jilted the best offer ever. Sure they may have violated the rules of war, cheating at knife fights again. Maybe they could have done better. So in preparation for trial lets find all the nations that turned the other cheek.

There is a very excellent piece of propaganda that is fact going around. It shows the disputed lands that Israel lays claim to over time. Maybe the Palestinian commander should watch that episode of Star Trek where every attack makes the enemy stronger. Palestine is a idea that seems to wish for Death By Cop.

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