Sunday, 20 July 2014

RIP James Garner

Jimmy was one of my best friends growing up. Not that I ever met him or even came within a thousand miles of his physical presence. He had a unique screen power that made us friends for life. Rockford files on the pavement, twisting the Firebird  180 degrees to escape the goverment. The Rockford Files is my all time favorite show.  James Rockford is one of my greatest life coaches. Once again a giant has left the set, never to be replaced, a insoluble loss to our culture.


  1. Short and sweet =)

    For some he will always be Maverick, for me, he will always be Pete Aaron (as much as I enjoyed Jim Rockford). A great actor, and a damned fine human being. Cant say I will miss him, as he will always be there in his movies, shows, and interviews. Thanks for the memories Mr. Garner.

  2. @orangelion, I have never seen the original Maverick, just the movie, I will be sure to check it out soon. Thanks for stopping bye.

  3. Be sure to see the original Maverick! I was 12 years old when Maverick started, and Jim Garner became my lifelong hero. As an actor of course, but even more as a human being. HE never thought he was special in any way, but he was. His humour, warmth, kindness, loyalty and generosity are legendary - and REAL, just like everything else about this humble, self-effacing gentlemen. They don't make 'em like Jim Garner any more - on or off the screen.