Monday, 30 June 2014

ISIS oh ISIS your a Mysterious Child

To summarize my past analyze of this group : Bullshit.
There are so many things wrong with this picture its hard to know where to hang oneself. I just know in my heart the group that manufactured ISIS were Bob Dylan fans. They are Bob Dlyan fans! I might have to support this effort. They are Bob Dlyan fans.

They are throwing babies out of incubators, no not yet but soon I expect.

A group so bad Al Queda threw them out. Thats like being so rich wall street will not deal with you. Major fake poppycock.

If they really want to make a Islamic superstate why not project their message to the Islamic states instead of speaking English aimed at the American people?

So the US will give a half billion dollars worth of the finest tech weapons to moderate fighters. Is this like a weight class. Seriously, no I mean it is official US policy to interview rebels and make sure they have Western Values purity.   Yeah I have tried bacon but did not like it. "Okay you get a TOW missile."  I like to look at naked women. " A tank for your and an extra gas can full." I have been to a strip bar, and paid for a lapdance. " An A10 Warthog for you" There is no climate change only God's will " a F22 and a B2 and all the F35  we cant sell"

You do not need to be a salesman to know your being sold.


  1. Jebus I'm sick

    There is something happenin' here but I don't know what it is

  2. I will seek some clarity from Mr Jones.