Monday, 16 June 2014

Highly speculative look at le Habs 2014 season

The first two dominoes have fallen: 2009 18th overall draft pick Louis LeBlanc abandonment and polarizing coach Michel Therrien 4 year entombment. 2014 will be played in rebuild tank mode.

Marcl Bergevin  realizes that the 2013 even with super sniper Tomas Vanek team with was a low odds vehicle to win the cup. Without Vanek there is no hope for 2014. Matt Moulson is the only alternative available and by Bergevin critical eye not level.

The loss of Leblanc is like a crop failure. The poor harvest lost means a bit of starvation is in order. The player most likely to ameliorate this tragedy Sebastian Collberg was lost to New York Islanders in the Vanek rental. There is no plausible scenario where the 2014 Canadians are more competitive than the 2013 edition.

 Bergevin did not have to sign Michel Therrien to an extension now. It is going to make negotiating with PK Subban more difficult. By doing it before signing PK Subban he is signaling its going to be my way or the highway negotiations. Therefore it is almost certain PK will be traded. Most likely to Florida for the first round pick overall and Johnathan Huberdeau. To replace Subban Montreal will sign free agent Niskanen from Pittsburgh.

Tomas Plekanec and Bourque will be packaged for someone like Evander Kane.

Gionata will be let go but Markov will be retained. Either Pateryn or Tinordi will be traded.

Montreal will play for a lottery pick knowing they are only a couple of years from a dominating cup contender.

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