Saturday, 28 June 2014

Are U a Rob Ford Voter

1) Like your coke

a) coke is sugar water
b)powder my nose instead of flaming my lungs
c) Rock on, Rock on and on an on

2) Transit preference

a) Escalades only lanes
b) If its not underground, its not expensive enough to not do
c) Only failures ride buses
d) I would like to ride Karen Stinz

3) Sexual preference

a) Homos will turn Toronto to Salt, and I would love to pepper that
b) any port in a storm is a good place
c) I can not see my penis

4) The waterfront

a) monorails, monorails and destination Ferris wheels
b) big condos,  just make them bigger because I have shorted all the ones on the bank of the Gardnier, and if they do not get sunlight, I win.
c) People do not need a waterfront, if I want a waterfront I go to the cottage.

5) Bike Lanes

a) You get points on your drivers lic if you hit a bicycle.
b) We should have a dooring hall of fame with titanium doors fitted to the winners cars so the bike will not dent them
c) You can bike in Algonquin park
d)Lets put a bounty on bike riders, if you knock them off the bike we will pay you by weight 10% over market price for aluminum.

6)Green City

a) Only Green creatures I have seen come from swamps and strange Asian countries. I would eat olive skin, that's pretty progressive in my book.
b) A green roof is one covered in dollar bills because your so filthy rich.
c) Climate change is a joke, I changed my underwear from whitey tites to black wrap and no more skid marks. Thats the solution to weather.

7)Homeless people

a) they can all live at my place because it seems my wife had kicked me out
b)they should declare themselves foreign workers and Jason Kennedy will get them a job pronto.
c) There is a lot of concrete in Toronto make some of it your home.

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