Monday, 9 June 2014

The Solution is out there

I just want to be entertained that's all I ask
if I make a big fortune
I will take everyone around me to task
cause I need to be entertained
I can not take a second off this task
when I wake up and need to do
some personal stuff
I wonder
why is the toilet not
the eight greatest personal wonder

Cause poop and pee
move empires
and I saw that from
a bottom down perspective
Napoleon lost Russia
because the fashion was not fit
we know far more
but every time we think
we have victory
some protester turns it to shit

We got all kinds of good news
on what used to be the real national news
the mooring show came to the
evening and we take no responsibility
for turning the nation dare.

The killer app in all that
is that we have examples of
how people should want to live
these nations have no resources
and what is going on in the mind
of the electorate that they can  not see
humans have designed and implemented
and have lived for 70 years
a humane way to live.

Living humane has so costs
Its so easy to attack
from across great waters
and they have little funding
just a neighborhood of people
that know how much a load

of poop costs.

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