Monday, 23 June 2014

Canada can not find enough pilots to fly for National Defense

top ten reasons RCAF uses Temporary Foreign Pilots

1) Canadians do not apply because they want to bond with their Children

2) Canadians don't apply because Gen X wants to skip pilot and go straight to astronaut.

3) ISIS airforce has better veteran care so they are getting all the top guns.

4) Canadians are smart they know the F35 only has one engine and do not want to die from engine failure.

5)Harper can fool them into thinking he is commander in chief.

6)Canadians wont go to Cold Lake Alberta

7) Polish and Hungarian Pilots hate Russia without propaganda.

8) Canadian pilots are too polite.

9) Canadian pilots always say EH instead of Rodger and it drives the Americans nuts.

10) Canadian pilot candidates worry they might end up working for Air Canada.

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