Friday, 6 June 2014

Edge of Tommorw

Wow we are living there right now. See this movie, read this book, but I suspect even the most creative visionaries vision will suffer compared to what we can now be subscribed for the visual cortex. Our brains changed when we learned how to read. This is a dead evolutionary path now.
Used to be you thought your vision of a book was better. Now the corporations have invaded your space with authority. Reading is dead as an artform. Personal interpretations are extinct. There are authoritative visions out there that will make you think.

Just like Playboy died when the internet thrived. There is really no limit to what men will do for pleasure. I might have seen a Playboy in my time, but I really do not fantasize in that lesure. Its a photo shop of reality
I got a good girl luckily and even if you suspect your bride will
not meet the queens guide to certianty she is still a gal. We all love a gal
they are our pal, no one shoud think that they are all the same. A better gal is what makes life worthwhile. So if you have several trophy wives
and they are so beautiful as the manipulate you for your rides
is that what you momma would want. You see we used to live in a place where men and women said I do, because they loved each other
and what would happen in the future 
was a journey they both signed on for.
If you marry a trophy wife
I will say this and its harsh
but she is a prostifife
she blows a great whistle
but when it comes to steam
she got nothing
she gave everything

Looks like it will be a box office bomb. Its tough for SF to breakthrough.

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  1. I loved this movie so bad. Thats the danger and this movie is just the tip of the iceberg. Suit up people we got bugs to kill.