Monday, 13 January 2014

We came from someplace

I am all for our celebrities to be graded. It separates the Kim Kardahisn and Kanye Wests from the real case. When you are looking at a starfield its like a sportsteam, but in Hollywood its all about who could make us the most money without complaining they were not first in line to that great disbursement of a trust fest.
Time has revealed who where stars and who the gamma ray turned there internal organs into some kind of midnfield.

Hollywood stars are the tissue paper of history. You could blow your nose on them with love, but still for the most part they were stupid on policy when viewed from above. Hey I am not on the fence when a privileged celiberty cares enough to say something about my apogee.

Hollywood and and every place it plays are all about illusion delivering a half truth that we might worship because the message was so strong, it over whelmed the lizard brain security that made us the victors over the Neanderthals that we defeated in an eon measured in millions of years and to think we can change life on a dime because our belief is so strong.

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