Monday, 20 January 2014

Reasonably Defeating the Men in Black

Ironically the first Black man the men in Black met was ready for them. The men in black live on taxpayers dollars designated to keep the taxpayer safe. This is a fantastic idea. Intellectually equivalent to communism. 

In some of the most urban Tiger free areas of the world people are employed in schools to beat a drum. These schools in a hundred years have never had a tiger attack. A logical argument is made in this third world country starved for money to make a real difference. We could put the money from the drum beater into nutrion and education. However the drum beater remains because without the argument that if you remove the drum beater the tigers will attack is more convincing to the voters.

Now if you are the first Black Presidents what do you do? He could have said " Dude I am half white do not be afraid"

Nope he doubled down on black, and learning from the Wesley Snipes he let the MAN win every time. Obama smacked them down by creating conditions upon which the Military Industrial Complex could not play. Its all about the rule of law. In Korea and Japan the US forces operate like the hand of GOD. Rape and murder and all kinds of other lesser offences, sovereign nations can not prosecute.

I spent years in Korea. I had US military personal attempt to shake me down in what was a NAZI type assault. If you do not give me you money I will bring the full force of the US Government against me.  This happened twice and I did not submit.  I am a smart mouthed person. In both cases I made these GI cry. I only said " what would your mamma think?" This is a surefire path to obeying the constitution in a foreign land. Do not try this at home!

What do we know about people in power? First thing that comes to mind is little patience. Live wears on us all, and the little things drive us crazy.  For the one percent and above the little things are a forgotten language. They deal in the same concept but on a much bigger scale. Okay back to Obama.

Obama is technically the leader of all the interest that made America great.
If there are men in Black they talked to him. If they do not exist he got a word from some purlie self interested worst.

Here we have Obama, a half black guy from a broken marriage whose formative years were spent smoking weed in paradise. People are people. Presidents are usually people. Obama was less people than Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton and GHWB are now best friends and the have invested together in a condo development in Shanghai. I was in Shanghai in 1987 and the word on the street was that the Bush family was the biggest investor in this burg that did not have lights at night.

Obama is the first real president since JFK. Understandably he can not work black, there are already so many black forces on his six.

Since JFK every American president has set up like a evil sports team some goverment in a shithole world that they can bomb back to the stone age without shattering the facade of humanity.

Barack Obama, bringing his full hussian to the equation is not playing ball.
It all centered on the status of forces agreement.  In Korea and Japan this has more or less allowed the wide-scale situations where rape is viewed by a USA lens.  In this context are you going to side against a soldier?

America disengae, its like the drug war, everyone who smokes up is an enemy.
If you passed the joint sometimes you would be living in a world like JFK imagined where the plane was emulating America and all wanted to be your best friends.

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