Monday, 27 January 2014

Fukushima and Global Warming Science

I maintain that there is a cause and effect relationship that can not be denied. The burning of fossil fuels creates CO2 gas which is absorbed by the atmosphere. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can be measured. The amount in the atmosphere today is the highest in hundreds of thousands of years. The effect is global warming.

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster evidence is cloudy. I have no  clear idea if it is more serious than the damage caused by atmospheric Atomic Bond testing, or less serious than Chernobyl. I suspect it is much worse than both combined. Is there enough radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean to cause serious harm? I read the ocean is so vast that a little reactor or two could not possibly cause problems. This is the global warming denier argument. But ponder why reports of radiation levels 500% more than normal background have allegedly been seen in California? Measuring radiation and using that number to predict a health outcome is more confusing than the telephone bill, why is that?

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