Saturday, 25 January 2014

Falling Skies

I have been thinking aboot the relative decline of the human condition since 911. Everything wrong in todays world can be traced back to the idelogical incompetence of the Bush Administration. Yes they ruthlessly accomplished the Conservative Mission, thus proving how suicidal the plan really was. Now nihilism has replaced our former optimism. We desperately need to switch our culture from a Market Driven Economy to a Performance Based Society. The answers and examples of what works are right on every travel website. Northern Europe, especially Germany, and Singapore are the cities on a hill. Those are examples of rational leadership, not rhetorical power grabs.

Every day the headlines are filled with grim news of the world. How can this be when every day the march of Science is triumphing in magical ways?  Things keep moving until they stop. Our world is facing a stoppage. Eighty percent of us all must pull together in the same correct direction to get it moving again.

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