Monday, 6 January 2014

Not thought Control

It was a stupid tale that was told to keep the children silent for a while
then the next thing blew that reality to otherworlds
A man would rise from the dead
he would lead all humanity
in a quest that all would come to dread
People please be serious
we live on a planet
not on the garden of Eden
this planet is under attack
not from alien
but from the humans
who can not keep a majority
off smack  or some other
pleasure drug to make
them so numb
they can reject a theory
that say all you enjoy
does not come from
Gods love.
So what should we do
when we realize that
gay straight and transgender
we are all fighting for life
under God's canopy.

Walk proud, walk silly
walk your way to a beautiful city
It had not a car because the committee
said they do not contribute one damm
thing to living in the honouring.

You know what your Mamma said
its a game of give and take.
So give me some bumper from
that guy driving a hummer
who ideles it at the drive a way;\.

Jeez you can be stupid if you want
but what I can not stand is those
that are not only stupid
they will use a megahorn with the
mainstream media advance to claim
we can not affect the climate
like we failed to prevent Jesus
exit from the tomb. Both fantasy
]and both excellent reasons not to advance.

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