Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Chance to block Monsanto GMO Foods In Sweden

Sign the Petition, as they say vote early and vote often. I often have to ask myself what is with Sweden. Its got the high moral ground well occupied but ever now and then an anomaly like this GMO food issue arises. Why is Sweden the only country in the EU wanting to make GMO foods legal?Other things you would not expect from Sweden are the persecution of Julian Assage and Pirate Bay. Somehow I suspect its all linked to the death of Olof Palme The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books insinuate there is something sinister lurking in high Swedish places.

H/T Stranger in a Strange Land and Oldphartte


  1. They as a nation are ruled by a weathy & political elite. Forget about democracy. Pretty much the approach here is after laws are passed the people are informed. They have been spying on the Russians for the States since the early 50's. Exactly they are double spies. This is there way to be turn coats and play all sides for money.

    Don't be fooled. This nation is now controlled by the same folks who control North America and the EU. They are good are projecting an image that just is not true. They are major arms dealers, human trafficers, big contibutors to the IMF.....they make billions in interest on loans to the nations IMF has destroyed.

    Oh yes, thanks for the link,

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