Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hockey today

In my blood as thick as any football hooligan. Capable of making me equally stupid. I am very not satisfied with the product on ice. Sure the marketeers can milk us but what is the future.  Hockey is a fringe sport on the world market. It depends upon excitement. Like baseball hockey is on a death spiral because it refuses to harness that. I could not care less about basketball. However what it allows is the stars to show what makes them stars. Hockey has chocked the chicken on that to appeal to non fans. Anyone who has played Civilization knows it is so easy to defend and so hard to attack. Maybe that's in the art of war as well.
But constant defense as appealing as it is in personal survival is boring in sport. The great giant minds looked at the NHL and saw European Football.  It would be a game where the small moves were appreciated like a chess game. Hockey fans were so intelligent like Euros they would salivate over micro moves.  Well I have zero interest in football, to me its like baseball, nice to play a waste of time to watch. Baseball is the walking dead of sports. Hockey could be the superman. If you could combine the excitement of the NBA with the clarity of the NFL,  it would be a world class sport.

but instead we have
Just watched 12 years a slave, the good news is the hero is a Canadian, the bad news is Buttman has a southern strategy, Yeah he wants all those KKK eyeballs. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories. No everything you learned in elementary school about the noble aspirations of our leading individuals is absolutely true. Italians are great at construction, see Rome circa 1000 AD. Jews killed Jesus, and they kept that crime hidden for 300 years. Can a lay a lick on Islam, no they never killed anyone. Pastafarians have driven up the price of wheat in Africa. Every belief has its sins, all forgivable. But Buttmans southern strategy is the worst of the worst. I would never equate hockey with the two worst things in human history, judge for yourself which is worst, the holocaust or slavery. I would say the holocaust was worse because no one can plead ignorance. Which brings me back to Buttman, he has committed a holocaust on skill to produce a bland killing on ice that is the NHL today.

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