Monday, 20 January 2014

How much Money do I have to give a society to keep me safe?

Answer is all that you got, plus what you can borrow against, and when the time comes to crime, mostly if will be I found your son with a joint, and being a good person I did not charge him with a crime, I found real punishment by pissing in his face.

Yes that could be a true story, and if your a cop that complians you are a unicorn. A mythical being that would say a bad word, all the time living at home with children and telling them your great word. 

Now to lie to your kids is an easy escape. Everyone does it to the ends that meet their ends of not performing in a modern landscape.

You know my kids, I was there at dinner time
maybe you did not see me for 
months at a time
but every day when I broke bread
there were images of you beautiful
children running around in my head.

Now that we are both grown up
what should we think when
the two sides that determine our
future haveo both thrown up
impermeable ideas that even in the
best apology days of  the french revolution
would have been the subjects of the gellontine

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