Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Neil Young Draws Blood from the Oil Sands Development

I never knew that. Neil got the CAPP to admit that even using their maximum minimum spin on a daily basis the Oil Sands extraction creates half the green house gases as all the cars in Canada. Thats sick!
I am for reasonable development of resources, but that number does not sound reasonable. How much energy is produced on a daily bias by all those cars? So a similar amount of energy is being used to produce just bitumen, which then needs to be further refined?  This sounds like a terribly inefficient use of energy. At this point I think we should ask Norway what to do!
I would love to see the big brains punch the numbers on Canada's Tar Sands. If they were oil sands they would be a liquid. Neil Young has been protesting and the Oil Sands Lobby Group has shot themselves in the foot by mocking Young's claim that the oil sands produce on a daily basis as many emissions as all the cars in Canada. Na Na na na na Neil they say, its only the emission from half the cars in Canada. Whow WTF. That means roughly half the energy used by all the cars in Canada is used to extract a days production from the oil sands. Most of this product still needs another energy intensive processing to produce oil. So what is the sense of the whole project if it consumes all this energy just to produce half the power for all the cars in Canada. The same people who go hyperbolic on producing Hydrogen because it consumes more energy than it produces are the biggest fans of the Oil Sands.

On a similar note blogged about by The Gazetteer.  Out of the 84,000 plus hectares of land mucked up by the Oil people, 104 have been reclaimed. Good thing we have never seen companies destroy and environment forever and just walk away. No chance of this happening in Alberta, no sir. Our friends at Ethical oil claim that 1000 Hectors has been reclaimed by Suncor at a cost of Billions. Lets take that as the truth just for the sake of argument. so there is a need for at least two times $84 Billion to start. I wonder if that is in the operating budget of anyone?

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  1. Not to mention also the emissions produced when the tarry goo is processed, shipped by oil burining tanker and then burned in already almost uninhabitable then it has undoubtably exceeded the mere emissions from Canadians driving to work and play!