Friday, 10 January 2014

Do not believe me about the F35!

Some poor slob salesperson has been tasked to pitch the F35 as a replacement for the A10 Warthog. Its like replacing a Hummer with a Smart car. Except in the alternate reality the Military Industrilal Complex works in its not a problem that the Smart car gets half the gas mileage of a Hummer. The F35 does not even have auto fire extinguishers to save weight. The A10 can take fifty cal ground fire all day long. Six percent of the planes weight is titanium surrounding the pilot. In terms of ground support the F35 is a stealth bomber, the A10 is a flying gattling gun shooting bullets the size of a coke bottle at a rate of 4000 a minute.

The F35 the apogee of something built by a committee.

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