Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Golf Bicycle Trailer

Pictured above is a fantastic idea. Combining Golf and riding a bike on a well groomed natural trail. For those who have never ridden trails its like comparing walking in the grass barefoot to wearing shoes.  I am sure they have done their homework but it looks a little compromised to me.

 Instead of reinventing the wheel, design a golf bag trailer that can hold two standard sized golf bags and has a built in cooler. A solar panel would recharge the phone. Golfers can rent both the bike and the trailer. The cost of my product would be much less than the $1200 suggested for the device about. Bike enthusiasts are able to bring their own bike to the golf course and just rent the trailer. Its my patent pending idea. Will license it to you for free.

H/T Gizmag


  1. Or not. I cannot see a groundskeeper being enthusiastic about rubber tires tamping down the turf with ruts...especially when it's damp.

  2. Thinking about it...I did see large knobby tired bikes for riding in snow ! These people have a wild assortment.

  3. Great job. It's so amazing and best for riding.

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