Thursday, 9 January 2014

Catastrophic Cognitive Dissonance Danger Ahead :protect yourself with maximum ignorance against toxic truths

Your Three of a kind that can beat a full house: my Seinfelden Neuman Jerry!

(I should explain this is my thinking aboot a reply to a radio panel of three conservatives far and balanced musings on Health Care, Green Energy and Global Warming. They are a collective Jerry, smooth and slick to my annoyed by almost defenseless Neuman. However my anguish is expressed by the photo where I am Jerry and they are Neuman. Climate change deniers are global Neuman to me)

Jerry as usual your performance has insulted my intelligence, but then again so did the new Superman movie. But in both cases larger than the periphery was I not entertained?

Catastrophic Cognitive Dissonance Danger
protect yourself with maximum ignorance
 if you cant handle the truth.

Referring above subject the huge bandwidth of today's Stepfordan panels playing melodic symphony's sharp right notes hypnotic word salad giving birth to child bearing rhetorical certainty. If Rob Ford could only play the music blowing away with Stephen Harper's instrument he would be the most dangerous publicly financed character actor masquerading as leader in Canada.

What would change in the Healthcare cost of Doctors notes be if the private sector dictated the fee? I can answer: it would cost more the Twenty Million Dollars a year it does now. This is a fact if you look at the cost of a minor doctor or emergency room visit worldwide. In many cases it would be prohibitively expensive for the employee to ask for a note. Agents of sickness are going to go to work in record numbers. The predicable conversion of healthy workers to sick workers will increase costs measurably. Doctors should not be get a note from home outsourcing of a HR quality control for corporations. Doctors notes is a multimillion always flying stealth corporate gravy train tax free unaccountable giveaway. Owned and promoted by mindless greed. Non-mindless greed is mostly a good thing.

And on the environment your totally wrong about Europe backing away they are accelerating. Lets measure amount used annually as the gauge unless you want to deny math as well. You can argue the wisdom of renewable energy, but you can not argue the fact of its use.

Man made global warming is real. Any other theory would be as  valid as  Kirk Cameroon viewing a Banana has zippering therefore evolution is intellectual mind pollution, a flawed conspiracy of humans whispering.  Climate change deniers are science is a fact deniers. The fact is the fact you can not attack. Science is mostly math it has been consistent since discovery.

Our world was created on Faith. Faith has many roads and avenues, a world full of soaring heights and crashing lows populated with expressways full of fools, stuck believing totally opposite things explained by trained philosophers, great con men, and until very recently most Kings. To much faith can be a very dangerous thing. Faith is  a tool used from the feet up as they would say in American Hustle. 

Science is responsible for far superior numbers of parking lots platforms,supporting habitats  sustaining good folks happy to give and receive,  and even if still you do not believe it, its  true is that if you increase the concentration of CO2 in an atmosphere it will retain more heat. No one questions we have an atmosphere, a large complex totally organic HVAC element  providing for a thriving human existence. No one denies the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has been rising dramatically over the last one hundred years. We can debate about the source, if you said the majority was natural you would be wrong. Remember 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull   shut down air travel in Europe. Well it cut carbon emission from European airplanes by about two thirds. Yes the volcano put out a third of the gas that planes do during the same period. Maybe we could activate more volcanoes resulting in an end to carbon based airtravel and save the planet, or maybe not, but what if that where true? 

By the way just the other day you mocked the oz zone layer with total abandon of reason. Therefore it is undeniable that humans are raising the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, and science tells us this will warm the planet. Have the models been perfect predictors, no. Hardly surprising when we can not accurately predict the weather. Its just like inflation, we know that printing money will result in inflation. Yet we are seeing deflation in Japan and USA, 

I would put this very reliable economic theory is in the same league Global Warming theory when the criteria of competition is six sigma degrees of certainty. Think of it as the scale of probability whereas global warming is the scientific Montreal Canadians who have an affinity for Stanley Cups, versus the Arts people from Economics  Maple Leafs are wunderkind who cant seem to get deal done. Man made global warming denial plays in a much lower place, historically near as far as the bottom of investment as an argument can ever be made.

Except temperature rise can be measured, the concentration of gases in the atmosphere can be measured. These are scientifically indisputable facts. Economics can also measure facts. The predicting part is the art form. Science is far easier to police and peer review for accuracy, whereby Economics is not a science, its in the Arts with theater. The audience is vast and totally in love with their favorite performances. Its humans number one sport is to bet on the economy, and by luck and good management can be richly rewarding. The house money is already on climate change.

Humans are switching to renewables because of science, Science slaughtering long held myths of consumption by winning overall huge economic benefits. You can not argue shutting down the coal plants just by the number iof saving Billions in health care and lost productivity.Switching ten percent of our electric generation usage to renewables is a very conservative policy. The cost curve has already intersected in many places including that hotbead of socialism New York City. 

Dalton McGinty will be remembered as a skilled defender of the the Ontario habitat. He gotter done on the question of priority.


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