Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Being 100% behind

USA USA USA, you can rule, but you refuse to command. In today's world we must command. Today I speak of windows but you can extrapolate this to so many subjects. IMHO the people of this earth have had many cycles of technical supremacists. Obviously led by childish opportunists.

They as our current Gods tread, just fucked it up so badly barely a trace remains of their wisdom. In our own recent history we can not fault the NAZI for making progress. Do not get me wrong, the British Empire and its American child have made this world we live in. Gratitude must be expressed no matter how wild the development was. At the end of the day all the worst of humanity is defrayed. Just please tone done the hubris or we will end up like the subjects of legends of which we are all afraid. Knowing something is a long way from doing something. The law of unintended consequences and I am sure if applied the laws of thermodynamics should not be opposed.

What brings this conclusion to my thinking aboot. Its windows, windows something we can not seem to live without.  Review all the data, look at all the sites. Most window producers are proud to say they can install a superior window on your job site. What kind of hubris do you have at this time of the lord if your window has a R3 value when R9  exists in the godless world.

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