Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary Kaos week

Trump must choose between real Americans and Big Meat. It will be tremendous. Always bet on big.

All the noise about banning Muslims is a sideshow. Its a great issue like abortion or gun control, lots of sound and fury for both sides with no real  consequence or hope of victory. It works for Trump because its exactly what he wants, people watching the circus while the real work of looting the country goes on unobserved.

I lean towards thinking this is a very stupid move. However the tears and fears of the refuge rights above all hypocrites are way over the top. Obama did almost the same thing to the same countries with different rhetoric. Trump has not banned the Muslims from the countries that have supplied the most actual and arrested terrorists on American soil. Bottom line belief in Sharia law is anti democratic and not compatible with a modern society. Catholics and Hassadic Jews have been able to operate within the limits. Most Muslims do as well, however the radical fringe is above the level of tolerance.

This season of Homeland is like a real public affairs program. It tackles terrorism, constitutional rights, Israel's influence and other hot button topics from surprising angles.

As unpopular and unsuccessful as nation building has been, it is the only way to solve the problem. Everyone in the world can not live in the Western world.

Which brings us to Trumps next big low hanging fruit. The UN. The UN needs a major enema. If it can not even start to meet its mandate, it should just become the security council.

Netanyahoo has been emboldened by Trump. In many ways he was the pre Trump. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will be upsetting the biggest applecart in the world. I think its time. This two thousand year old feud has to be ended. The Palestinians played a great hand badly. They totally lost their stake over and over through idiotic moves and with no hope of change now, deserve to lose.

The show goes on, but we see and hear less and less about what is really happening behind the curtain.

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