Sunday, 22 January 2017

America Today is not going to be a gloy hole of yesterday no matter who has the pole

Like the end of the communistic revolution
Americans are demanding better bathrooms
and sick to death to toilets that back up
for the first thing
aboot potty training
is to observe that
the poop went away
and it was not really
part of you anyway
what a concept
for a young 
mind to 

So if you raise
the rent
to pay for
its going to be a
can you realise
that most of America
does not have 
pooring over thier
jewelry in order
to finace
a takeover
of Vancoover
its like I bought this 
ring with a little sparkle
and I should have spent
that money on zircon
and a honeymoon
in Haaawi

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