Thursday, 26 January 2017

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

I feel so old having witnessed the history that makes it necessary
to work on all these obitutatrius
and I dont know if they people 
were really all that important in the 
big scheme of things
but they shaped the world I lived
in and brought
or civilisation
beautiful things

Mary Tyler Moore by my estimation
was the 100%  if you are looking 
for the perfect women
Beautiful by any measure
and when you hit that point 
on the tape measure
who is the ultimate treasure
is no longer math

What she had was ever thing 
my generation looked for in a women
spunky, smart, independent
and capable of lighting up a life

Now I go old fogey
but she was a real person
Mary Richards
and in to days world
we have nothing
her equivalent is
Tyler Swift or Kim Cartesian
tramps trolls and dollar cuts

As we watch in horror 
modern civilisation and
decency being flushed
down the toilet
we should celebrate
Mary Tyler Moore
because by today's
she had a 
perfect life
and will remain
in the 20th century
the perfect wife

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