Saturday, 21 January 2017

Snow Mexicant Premier Post of the New Mandate

Lets make everybody first and see
what the seconds do
America First
cant wait to hear
that chant
replace the tired
and not so great

Often I have speculated
that popular culture
is a giant psych ops
just wierd enough
that no one would 
notice it was mainstream

So when BANE appeared
without a mask
on the ingaural stage
and did his stump 
speech I for one
was not totally
I have seen that
comic book movies
and TV
are now the situation
that rules

Trump broke every linguistic
word doctor rule
ever given
by the master
who tells you never
say pee urinate
the hookers urinated in sympathy
like the Olymic sychronized swimmers
when the coach does a bag skate

Golden Showers of rage and hate
are raining down on the world
from Banes throne
and I got to give him credit
for idenifying
there is carnage in the streets
there are toomstones of industrial 
disease marking America like
some kind of economic plague
and it been going on for decades
and no one except BANE
took time to mention it

USA spends it heart out
just ask Jack Ma
probably the cleverest guy on the
if starting with less than nothing
and becoming an important one
was the measure

So into the malstream of
manufactured forces
we inject the Trumpster
its like the F35
a plane that could never
fly unless it inherited magic
from every congressional
district with enthusicastic
to ride the next in an endless
but always more funding
streamlined unicorns

The F35 is a brick that
wants to fly and that is
like John Scott being MVP
at the NHL all star game
its possible 

I just wonder
how many times
can Trump
shout and tell
the truth
before the 
deep state
says die
for your lies

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