Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Why I dont have a decent job

Its mostly me
but I could walk some of
those slow pitches out the park
that global Campinas dont
and i see them die
and I think I could have done
better as a CEO
but in most cases
so could your sister
the ballarinea\
at least she
could dance

I am old
58 and still
with a good
prostrate and
Viagra is the least
of my problems
like my dad
told me on my
wedding nite
the problem with
your bone is
not that your always
going to have it
its just the chances
to bury it

So I am like that at employment
a sniper that picks off opportunity
but with that skill
and head count
come the prophecy
your going to hire
your replacement
so get out of his

actually I am at pee ace
man and an I do not
ever want to do trud rotation
but if a real job
in a future world
was available
you would find
my for sale
hanging from the
highest tree

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