Thursday, 5 January 2017

Instututional Boost

I got to admit my dreams
have been troubled lately
when it comes to sailor stuff
should I work my way around
the planet or just diesel plow
forward given the perks

Okay here is the deal
an exceptional Jacques Cousteau
power boat is on the market
and its priced low
owned by Russians
who let it rot
but aluminium corrodes
on human scale and
can be rehablited with
total trust
not like GRP
subject to 
osmosis rot
a hull type
semi diplasment
which for the sea
means Honda
gas milage in 
real conditions

I need two million dollars
to make this Italian Beauty
all Sphia Loren with me
at the helm
please contribute somehow
cause I will never take
a dollar over the internet
with the man
knowing my plan.

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