Thursday, 26 January 2017

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary first post reality

The Donald is a piece of work
and thats a good thing
no one is going to
tell him a single

we need this kind of attutude
so bad its worth a few retreats
like the envioroment
well its a big boy
and daily pronouncents
or even decaCdes are not
lethal descents
just wait until they bring
the dust masks out
in Washington and then
we will know we are
in denial full time
untill that relax
cause we are
already dead

The matesrer sof the universe
have punched the numbers
in cyberspace
with very supercooled
filters and found
that carbon dixoicde
is worse than crab grass
or chylimida in  otherwise
succulant flowers
is over rover

There is no turning back
and no need to tack
if your living in the modern
we can do no more harm
in even the short or medium
so lets let those future
people breath with filters
and monpopoized air
cause we said
no problem
Mr Trump

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