Monday, 9 January 2017

Snow Mexicant daily diary day 15

Well well well Horatio
I see we both love Florida.
You got a guy from New York
who loves Florida
is that not proof
of diversity?

Florida is like the Bermuda triangle 
of weird in the USA
its like they want to be the Bahamas
but cant fight the constitution
Black Sails
from flying over the

Okay what you have all
been waiting for
is for me to unload
my cranium 
zpg clip
on the DNC
captured in real
time by no one
and leading to a
Trump presidency

I am not the smartest of men
thats why I fell in love
with Lola
and for the American people
to even wonder
if they elected a President
selected by Boris Yelstin
that would be a mistake

Its Monty Python comedy
with assumptions and 
Nuclear War consequences
given the fact of democracy
and how it sinecurist
we should be firing NUKES
for the Putin
cause you do not have
to be hurt physically
to be hurt

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