Thursday, 5 January 2017

2017 breaking and crumbling and I got ideas

when I think I am alone
I read something
that tells me I am part of 
the collective
maybe my thoughts and
dreams and stabilized pathitic efforts
are by no means
but there is a chance
universal dreams
will be realised
and not just
sex robots
because ask anyone
who is all fucked out
there is something
more to get to
no matter how
much you love
personally modulated
deep blue

Now today the world looks
very grim
climate change is
out of control
as if we could ever
work the HVAC
call in the crack
and pull out
the plunger
we are plugged
up and need to blow

The good thing
and if credit is due
it goes to the new
dynamic duo
Edward Snowden
and Julian Asssage
they knew the emperors Tailor
and gave away the measurements
for free
at great risk
and live every day
in a prison of their own choosing
but know that to open the door
would mean certain Crucifixion
if we are really democratic
and believe in free speech
and justice
this is a lie lie lie
across my big 
water board 
brass bed

Dolby Atmos is overhead
and screens so big they
could capture your fat
ass are all the rage
but what will they show
when you are prematurely dead
cause you drank sugar water
moved on to aspertaine
and then fentanaly
all because big
pharmacy loves anxiety
and fat and disease
and most can be cured
but the mental part is most lucrative
and baby we are all Pavlov's
ring the bell take
a pill
and live your life
with a new nuance
thats kinda numb 
expotientialy and fataly real
more dumb
than trailor park boys
but drunk high and gay
like MR LEhy
but you can still drive around
and be paranoid
even if they make
tin foil illegal

Can humans beat the robots
thats become the real game
and if forces all of us to be 
luddites if nothing change
distribute that robot cash
and we live in paradise
build a castle and live
like a false God
and you will
after having 
godlike fun
for a short time

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