Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rambling warbleling Get off my lawn from the near retirement lawn keeper

I grew up in an age
where discrimation
was part of public policy
and for that my forebares
should be deeply ashamed
but its got to stop at that
we as a society made
huge mistakes
no money is ever
going to correct
so stop bleeding
me dry with
new ways to
help people
50 years at the mimimum
and even centurites later

Are the only
people on the planet
who have to deal
with the economic
and climate horrorshow
going on without any
designated plan for surviaval

White people created this world
we live in today
its a mess blame us
but no one else
stepped up
and if you look
at great empires
there was no free
no elections
no way to move forward
and it was white people
who created systems 
maybe imperfect
that have made in the 
respect of human rights
and the undenibable
that all humans are equal

I abhore the cops shooting inocnet black people
but I got to add a cavet
all the people shot were
alledegly criminals
1000% more whites are
shot by cops than blacks
so if we put the handcuffs on the police
are you going to walk down streets/

Black lives matter is a dead end
hitting a frieght train of black panthers
the way forward
is to eliminate poverty
and for black people this seems to 
be a cultural enemy
cure this and we
are all good
black and white

BTW if you think I am some kind of fucking racist
I axe you why dont Asians have to go the distance?

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