Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sailing Survival News

There is no economic sense when it comes to sailboats. You can buy foot for foot
a much prettier and suave power boat at much less cost. The difference engine is the range at full power. Power yachts might do 500 miles in most domestic cases but a good sail boat can travel the world using less fuel and still have you raving on the decks and  hatches.

I used to snow mobile we called it skidoo. I travel ed every Sunday until my skidoo suit was stained with oil and I had a carburetor exhaust moustache. We travelled far and had fun, but I gave it up for skiing cause thats a blast that works
one on one with thermodynamics and even if you have to manually climb the hill
your going to have an exceptional thrill.

What got me into sailing was Jack London and his South Seas tails. Oh course there was a lot of horror between the scurvy sodomy rum and the lash. Today
ever thing is optional and you can travel at a fair clip, think of it as a jet vs a train.

Because I read it in the Economist I alway thought Oysters where the best. Thats before Trump and realising free trade was a lie and how much other bullshit
have a bought in trying to plot the courses that is my short life.

Nothing wrong with Oysters if you want to travel the plane probably the best
plastic boats in which you can exist. One thing that always bothered me about
sailing was lighting. If common sense is any indication a sailboat is going to get hit on the open sea. As much as I can muster there is no good info about lighting strikes on sailboats. They happen like going to a ATM in the south side of Chicago and getting knifed. Lots of people do it and not everyone dies.

So I spent some mental frustration running simulation of  a lighting strike
on my craft. On a plastic or carbon fiber boat the best case scenario is dead in the water and some survival electronics cribbed away in a Faraday cage, you call it a microwave ever day. So if I venture out on the water I must pray Thor does not want me to exceed my insurance deductible, and no matter what I can call someone to rescue me.

Thats not good enough for me. I dont want to be a statistic from a lighting strike and abandon my dream on the high seas grateful to be alive while the plastic floats more dead than me inside.

Mad scientests have all kinds of cures form my fear alimant. Of cousre much worse than climate science no one can agree. A lucky rabbits foot seems to be the greatest faith upon witch
I could go to sea
and retour

Most yachts are made of plastic Fiberglas's ex poxy and formed in fine molds
with kevlar and carbon fiber somewhat inbound. One thing I know for sure
if you want civil war insist your materials adopt diversity. Maybe you can control the thermal expansion, conductivity, modulus and a thousand other sects of materials and make one block that rules. Just like nuclear reactors are perfect I trust this science. An engineer can make anything work for a demostration and maybe in the case of a sailboat this exceeds the owners lifetime
but never ever forget
elements are not like
they hate to mingle

I was Economist trained in sailboat manufacturing diversity and until
recently just felt that if I got hit by lighting at sea
it was Gods will
and my multi million dollar investment
in having fun
was going down
as punishment
for flying to close
to the sun

Then one day
on the internet
something interesting came my way
it was the adventure 55
a aluminium hulled yacht
advertised and low
that immediately got my eyeballs
as they are high Martians
and what the story revealed
is that naked aluminium
can Sally almost eternally on 
high seas
let alone it looks
like you made something
shiny in your garage
to fight the empire

For the very insecure me
I instantly realised the 
bolt of lighting that hit
this Swedish boat
from Thor's Hammer
would go to the sea
and leave me 
and mine
still online

I may never buy
a yacht because
I am living in a 
material world
but I salute
Adventure Yachts
and our concurrent
dream of making a
house that can travel the
world in safety
while their are
many Zombies

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