Thursday, 2 February 2017

My two cents for Trudeau

I feel betrayed on electoral reform
the 37% solution almost led to 
Canada's destruction and the weather
forecast is all Hurricane Oleary

Now it was a hornets nest a bag
of hammers that was not going 
to do you any good for doing
good. But that's why you where
elected a kind of anti Trump
to do the tough progressive
work so that we would never
face again
a unprimed pump

These are tough times and dark
days and one must choose
carefully which hill to die
so maybe its not electoral reform
however Justin it was weak
for you to not announce this fundamental retreat

We can make up if you declare
if re elected we will do 
xy and Z and make sure
that forever
Canada is ruled
by a democratic

Personally I like the run off
Keep it simple stupid

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