Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Its about the Nickel and soon to be the cent

ig numbers big dat
are icomprehsnisbel
to everyone
does anyone
really know
what these big
numbers mean
I dont think so

But someday
with a lotta
cash someone
will figure out
the secret to everything
and then society will crash
because if you are not in the
your surplus
and that
does not make
for a great familyu

Figuring out the big Nickel is like climbing the
wall of
Everest with no oxygen
its something I could
not do if I was human
so lets apply that to
life on a speaking tour

The big Nickel was
mined from a meteor hit
in Northern Ontario
and its a wonderful
If sentient beings
planned that strike
a billon years ago
I expect they
would be disappointed
with the outcome

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