Monday, 27 February 2017

SnowMexicant Daily Diary Pentagon Famine Edition

If you do a google search the numbers are years behind, but imagine this was before 911

The US military is starved for funds
but like Paul Revere
with a jet
Donald Trump
will fix that
universal slush fund
that made with 
all its wisdom
the F35
and swears
its better
at ground support
than the

And who you going to believe
the dead soldiers
who got a catch 22
share of  Lockheed Martin
or the lack of the plane
flying in the skies

For the US industrial Military Complex
to receive an historical boost of 54 Billion dollars
is historical
even Reagen
would not have pushed the bar
that high

So you wanna know why
its pretty simple
preventing assassination
the man is not going to kill
Trump for putting more
heroin into the bloodstream
they will take juice all day
24/7 without regard where
it comes from and
for what purpose
that's when everyone at
the table takes off 
on their private jet
and leaves
because the big questions
are not important
as GW Bush revealed
in the end as history
records we
are all dead

Could be some programming
has gone wrong
and the company man
is singing the wrong
but try and change
that tune and if you
touch the controls
they will fry 
with prejudice
and absolute
not to mention
legal immunity

So as discussed above
Trump negotiated a deal 
to live
the taste
only $54 billion
a year
and who says
he is not a great 
biz man

Trump is the king
of all the modern
world wants to 
give us thinking
he studied under
Timothy Leery
and I bet he did 
some speed
in between
and now that he
is old
we get that
its almost like
the famous
blue raincoat
is prescient

Bottom line Mr Trump
the raincoat for the 
United States
is already tremendous
and may I suggest
we change the name
to Trump Protection
because nothing
will penetrate
our defenses
we are safe
and the only problem
is in the colonies or 
as the miltiary industrial complex
calls them the hotspots
that have not Black Sails
like surrendered
everything to 
be a part of the dream
and its not American
no it British and it old
and it goes back
to trying to repeal
the Managa Carta

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