Thursday, 16 February 2017

We need a better alternative to democracy

Winston Churchill the celebrated 
inventer of war crimes
sated in very succict
oxford language
that democracy
was a horrible thing
but the best monster
to have in the closet
should one ever
want to apply it

I propose to let the children
because from the mouths
of babes
comes wisdom
yes they will be able
to decide between
clean coal
and full

Lets look at
two pungent
and I could go 
on and on
with proof
of fact
that civilisation 
that has stopped development
at kindergarten
would be better served
being rules by a
kindergarten class

The best policy decisions should be made my a kindergarten class in a referendum. Should we have chocolate highways, yes of course so lets have Gay Marriage. Are golden showers rewarding, Yes so lets make peace with Russia. 

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