Thursday, 2 February 2017

No matter what measure you use
a simple cloth tape
a metal retractable one
that looks so cool
or a laser beam
that in scientific
terms of measurement
is a real tool
the overall dimension
is always going to be
who calibrates the
system that prints
out or streams
the outcome
cause believe me
tools lie

Economics is the prime mover
cause they took away the Central
principal from religion
and thats why
we have so much trouble
with Muslims
can their economic system was
a gift from God
while Christians only got
Jesus and he could not even
trade for 40 years doing
something in the desert
worse still when he came
back he did not sell
a Bible about how to 
live in the desert for
extent ed times
with only cloth robes

So here we are on a scientific 
ship moving at high speed
but like the biggest ship
taking eons to turn around
when we found with 
completely objective sensors
that things in the engine room
are going to void the warranty

Now we can count on the lawyers
to say that no one defined
exactly what the concentration
of CO2 should be to make
humankind live in a good 
and its racist to 
prevent coal
from making engorge
just because its black

Racists like green energy
cause they have a fetish
for Olive skin partners
or the extremists
who want to fuck
star trek
totally green

Green Women
I have seen a few
and mermaids as well
but they looked like
dolphins so it proves
making big decisions
you better know
which water
comes from
which well

I see you
You see me
there is no dust
upon the horizon
no algae on the water
and we make fire
just being together
thats the past
we all share
that was lost
cause we dont
need no badges
no distraction
to all be happy
and thats Gods
gift to everything
a smile
a joke
a puzzle
a place
for every
of evry folk

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