Monday, 13 February 2017

More Songs about Sailboats and Safety

There are a million ways to die at sea
an expotential factor in the air
and now add another layer
if you are walking the earth
in many lands

A sailboat has a big davey
jones locker
called a keel
it counters the wind
with an equal reaction
to prevent some heel
from making 
things totally

Of all the things that 
can kill a sailboat
the one that is not
that I fear the most
is a lighting strike

But carbon fiber is
a heel cure
and we should use
it in every mast
and every cable if
we want form
to fallow function

The solution is an aluminum
hat on the mast with
superconducting cables
going to ground
make it so
number one

If you see a pretty picture
of a sailboat its an 
uncluttered reality '
of a working boat
blue water

Everybody puts up 
that plastic netting
to prevent from
being swept overboard
the problem being
its construction
looks like a two 
year old making a
fence with 
safety siccorss
lets sell some custom made
stuf with velcro straps

Eldon Musk is making
solar shingles
hey boy
how about a solar deck

Sail on silver bird
sail on alu
your time has come
all ships
sail like you

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