Thursday, 23 February 2017


Its getting late
really late
and things 
are heating
up and I cant 
sleep so I am wandering
around in the fog
and I bump into your doorstep
and ring the bell
and the prompt comes
and I cant remember 
any words that were so 
clear in my head
just moments ago
I just mumble
and say
worms Roxanne Worms
and that not your name
and you dont even
what a mystery night
what a dish
what a discovery
I can mumble and not
remember the last 
thought that ran 
through my head
but you can translate
it effectivly enough
to end up in my
bed forever
and never mind
the interference
the love crystal
is IMF free
there is no
economic reason
no invisible hand
just cupids arrow
striking two hearts
with trajectory that
would make the
American Sniper

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