Friday, 14 October 2016

Why Trump will win

Its the science telling us GMO foods are infallible
and nuclear reactors will never go bad
a plane needs only one engine
because it will never fail
ISIS terrorists we support
because its a constant

Trump is a man pig
there is no doubt
I would never
stick my tongue
in a girls mouth
but I don't think its
a crime
or even something
for every women
who considers it assault
you will find a thousand
that got married

Do men do things woman hate
but that is the human race
so if you want to put up stop signs
go biologic


  1. I never imagined I would see you post something like this, Steve. Just remember that you can't undo this and it will follow you if you should ever aspire to something higher. Don't say Trump is a man pig when you post this.

    1. I am not saying men can randomly stick body parts in women. But a slap on the face or a kick in theballs is all the justice needed when the rites of the birds and bees are violated.

    2. Furthermore is a man is a serial unwanted french kisser yes thats criminal.