Sunday, 30 October 2016

It makes no differance

Who is elected who rules. It used to be important but now the internet rules. So we are all equal in cyberspace and if you dont code, your program is terminated.
So harsh the ones and zeros. The world today is falling apart and that is a good thing as long as we have enought lego to put it all together.

The corrupt system must collapse and we need to embrace a new brotherhood. A place where taking is as bad as a sexual crime.  Hands off the ladies lads, just use natural charms.  Same for goverment which is the organiazation fighting Nhilism. Today I wonder if we would not have been better off Nihilism which is what native amrica was before the white man civilized it. If I am going to die someday and lets for the case of argument say 80 years. In this time what can I do. I want to do everything, build castles in the sky. In reality only 1% or less of the human population will have this brush.  So for the rest the majority what happens, short burtal and death. Yeah that fact changes a population.  I do not know the solution but it is massive goverment effect. The private sector is all silo
we need a harvest of silos and green fields.

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