Sunday, 23 October 2016

Montreal Smoked Meat its not all the same

Speaking of falling down little fuck faces there in Rona Ambrose, and we have DDD, for sure he is a good guy not comparing him to a total whack job at the trough of pigs. We all know given all the mistakes little DDD could be replaced on the third line with a Swatz sandwich and we would all go there just for the taste of victory that comes with mustard. This is a team of mystery and we have eMTY at the throne free of the constriaints of PFK at the building of Louisberg. Do not panic, that is the thing that seperates the non players from the SWAT men. I panic everytime so I know its true. If you dont panic you can win in combat, and that is a little slice of what the NHL player is in. Most players at this elite level panic all the time, its because the coaches have programeed them to fear failure instead of embrace it. Those players that ingore the coach win
stanley cups

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