Sunday, 23 October 2016

Timeout for civilization

Its a timeout for civilization
because the most
important nation
is going to vote
and its looking
like a tie
between blowhard
and slick
second story
and the natives
are restless
but cant get
momentum going
to save a dime

So we wait while
mosul burns
and ISIS moves
to Syria
with the US
providing cover
because its all
about Assads
and the Russians
say so
between hacks
and wikileaks
with truth and lies
and the torrent of
realitiy that is no longer
real yet you can walk
on its streets everyday
now that the main
street has gone away
replaCEO By
Amazon and third
world Walmarts
with polyester and plastic
restructuring the steel foundation
with processed sand

Slowing the planet is
ready to burst into boil
and we have nothing to
see hear
and 6th extinction 
to fix the world
real good
creative destruction 
the invisible hand
and Marx works

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